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As an intersectional feminist, it is my mission to help people of all racial backgrounds and gender identities find and feel confidence, which I believe happens when we are able to practice these two qualities simultaneously: self-love and human-kindness. 

My specialties are: helping people rise out of low self-confidence, navigating life transitions, and working through depression. I use an eclectic mix of healing modalities, teaching mindfulness and radical self-acceptance in combination with honoring cultural-competence, and utilizing strength-based and psychodynamic theories.

I practice compassion, mindfulness, and loving-awareness.  These practices both inspire and illuminate my clinical perspective.  It brings me great joy to support people to growi deeper in their sense of confidence through powerful effects of cultivating self-compassion. 


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW TX #64672) and a graduate of Smith College School for Social Work, where I received training to develop and implement my commitment to anti-racism in my clinical work and in my life, which continues to evolve and inform my practice. 

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