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Twisted Wall


All of your emotional experiences are meaningful.

It is through intimate relationships that we re-experience our deepest ability to feel love.  Relationships can also be a place where we experience our most painful wounds.  Within relationships, we know ourselves differently than we do when we are alone.  Couples may come into therapy to deepen a bond that feels distant or numb, and may also come in to work through a dynamic that has been stuck, locked, and hard to overcome.  My work with couples is introspective and engaged, typically focusing on the moment, the deeper feelings beneath what is being said, and some of the communication skills that can be implicated to unlock the stuck places. My work has been strongly influenced by Stan Tatkin's PACT training, which is a psychobiological approach to understanding attachment within couples. I also look to Sue Johnson's work , EFT,  (Emotionally Focused Therapy), which is a method that seeks to de-escalate a negative cycle and restructure an emotional bond within a couple or a family.

Learn To Fight!  Yes,  You Read that right.  There is a way to hash things out that is more respectful and less hurtful, and I would like to show you how.

Learn To Communicate: About the things that scare you. Because chances are, they aren't as scary as you think.

Learn to Let Go: of the right things, and hold onto the right things, as a relationship is often not perfect.

Learn to Trust: your partner. 

Learn to Show Your Love in a way that reflects what your heart wants.


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